Welcome to the shadowy netherworld of Anima. The Kimoji dwell in a surreal land where nothing is as it seems, where reality twists and bends with time. These moody monsters are born from the secret worlds in our minds, sometimes beautiful and sometimes ferocious. They know our loves, our hates, our desires, and our fears.Kimoji appear feminine but are gender-neutral beings as they are interdimensional manifestations. They do often express themselves as feminine but use a variety of pronouns. The elder Kimoji often refer to each other and themselves as "ones" (this one, that one), similar to the language of faerykind.You, human adventurer, must navigate through their world, face the fears that haunt you, and befriend the Kimoji to help you find the way home.


A Kimoji's age and power scale the longer they dwell in Anima. As you become more notorious, special and powerful Kimoji will reveal themselves to you.


Normal Kimoji are born with a specific limited amount of traits, but after rare summons appear these Kimoji may be created with some of their elders' traits.

RARE Requires 7 normals to summon.

A more powerful Kimoji that often reflects our interests and passions. You must obtain seven normal Kimoji to summon forth a Prime.
Kimoji who only appear during certain events from one of the mysterious rifts of Anima. You perform a set of tasks or challenges to summon them forth to aid you.
Aspects are Primes that represent a core emotion.

Legendary Requires 7 primes to summon.

A powerful and mystical Kimoji that is unique in its traits; requires having befriended 7 Prime Kimoji.

Provisional Roadmap

This is a provisional roadmap that is subject to change at the Creators' discretion for the benefit of the project, its holders, and the NFT community.

Prime Schedule

This is only provisional and subject to change. Here are the current upcoming Prime sets that will be released. Typically these are released 2-4 weeks after the previous release. Notices will go out in Discord and Twitter.

Set NameSet NumberConcept
Celestial06Ghostly, bright - COMPLETED
Pop Star Diva07Music/Pop Theme - COMPLETED
Rainy Dreams08Rain Storm/Sheep - COMPLETED


The Kimoji were created and managed by a two person, family studio that have combined their love for web3 with art.

Kipheo, or Ash, is an independent artist who has done mainly freelance commission work and character design work for cosplayers, authors, and fans. Ash's daytime job is a public youth services librarian. Ash has hand-designed the kimoji using Procreate on her iPad Pro, and has created the website and promotional graphics. Outside of art and parenting, she also loves RPG video games like Zelda, Pokemon, and Elder Scrolls. Follow on Twitter

Vanguard / Van is a crypto enthusiast, stay-at-home dad, and computer technician. He runs the Discord channel and handles the minting and listing of the Kimoji. He is also into gaming, loves My Hero Academia, and watches a looot of Star Trek. Follow on Twitter

Art Process

Each art piece starts with a base template that was entirely designed by the artist, Kipheo.New layers are added for every single trait, such as hair, eyes, horns, and tails. These are then duplicated and re-designed and adjusted. Our project currently has 100s of layers, each purposefully designed to match our motif, color palettes, and world by an experienced artistic eye. Our artist is also very passionate about world-creation and storycrafting, which she teaches professionally to students as a librarian.
You can view process videos on the artist's Ko-Fi page: https://ko-fi.com/kipheo
Kipheo also has 1/1 artwork available as NFTs, which you can find here, if you prefer non-generative artwork: https://linktr.ee/kipheo


10% of all our monthly proceeds will be donated to NAMI to support mental health in the USA.Our NFTs are created on Polygon blockchain, which means less fees for all parties involved, and are better for the environment than standard ethereum NFTs. Just a reminder that Polygon can occasionally be unstable, so delays for minting and listing may occur. All news will be announced in our Discord Channel!